About Us

Needing to hire seasoned and reputable studio musicians, session leaders, and background singers? Need some pre-production help in making the crucial decisions necessary to try to give your recording project the best possible opportunity to showcase your talent and/or your song? Looking for those studio players who will help you keep this usually very stressful process of trying to capture the magic in a recording to be fun, educational, and fulfilling?

The web site is the list of studio musicians, who are (AFM) musicians’ union members, and approved as session leaders and musicians to be listed with the Studio Musicians’ Network and play on recording projects for Desktop-Radio and all of their subsidiary sites, including Independent-Artists.com.

The musicians, session leaders, background singers, contractors and producers listed and linked here not only have impressive track records with their musical abilities, but they also have proven themselves to be the caliber of musicians and people who will assemble a high quality team and product for their clients and artists, to maximize the playing potentials for all involved in the project.

If you are serious about being a professional with your songwriting, singing and music generally; the musicians in the Studio Musicians Network are the talented folks you want to bring in to help you maximize your potentials and to help you make all of the right pre-production choices necessary to create a successful session and project. The studio players in the Studio Musicians’ Network are the musicians who have long been hired by the major record companies and artists, to come into the studio to record their magic, to help make the stars.

We have listed some of the records and the many hit and award winning (Grammy, CMA, etc.) songs our studio musicians have performed with many of the major recording artists. You can simply click on a link to one of the CDs and hear clips and buy the CDs on-line, through us and our Amazon.com affiliation.

You may wish to choose those musicians who have played on recordings with artists, who have influenced your own writing, singing or playing. In this situation “BUY BEFORE YOU TRY” applies. A CD is much cheaper than hiring a musician and finding out at the time of the session, that you really wanted another musician because of their playing style and sound. If you buy CDs your musicians have played on, you get to know them better and you can then better communicate to them what feel or sound you wish for them to use, as this is the feel, sound and groove close to what you are hearing.

Studio Musicians’ Network, is owned, operated and maintained by Desktop-Radio, a division of Griffin Entertainment. Musicians selected to participate in the Studio Musicians’ Network are first screened and then invited by the selection committee and various other studio musicians, who are existing members, based upon the instrument, genre, location of the applicant or invitee and personal professional traits.

The instrumentalists in the Studio Musicians’ Network hold all of our fellow studio players to the highest performance standards of not only musical abilities, but the standards of professional ethics. All sessions led by or have Studio Musicians’ Network players participating in them will comply with all applicable pay scales, laws, rules, and regulations of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and all other related organizations.

If you are a seasoned and professional studio musician wishing to participate with the Studio-Musicians’ Network, simply fill out the on-line application and upon confirmation and approval, we will provide you with a web site on Studio-Musicians’ Network and your own e-mail address.